Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Snow. So no go.

The farm had a few inches of snow Saturday night and there were predictions of extreme winds Sunday afternoon, so the barn raising work was cancelled for the day. A small crew was to be assembled to do some work on Monday owing to MLK Day. I couldn't make it. As on all but a few holidays, though the post office doesn't deliver, there's always some kind of inside work to be done.

This has been a terrific week. I talked to my good friend Linda in Iowa, spoke with Sue as we do at least twice a week, and had "sodas and talk" with my walking partner Debbie at a local gym. I got to see my "Frog Partner" Becky on Monday. Becky is Sarah's 12-year old daughter who calls me "Bob the Frog". We exchange frog stuff that we find in our travels. I gave her my pig tusk. I worked at the farm last Thursday afternoon. Spent Saturday night between two dinner get-togethers (one here that Ken and his friend Ed threw for friends and neighbors, and one at the farm that was a combination birthday party for Sheila and going away party also for Sheila who was headed back to Scotland.)

I like driving in snow and there was a WICKED wind-driven snow storm Saturday night when I left the farm about 11:00ish. Only a few inches of snow but enormous winds. I've never understood how a tornado could sound like a train as is usually reported by tornado witnesses. I now know. Not that there was a tornado in the area but the wind was fierce, unrelenting, and "die-am!" if it didn't sound like a train was approaching in the distance.

Soup kitchen today, farm tomorrow, making dinner for Sue on Friday (I think), and barn raising this coming Sunday. January has never been my favorite month but this one just seems to be clicking along. I'll miss working with Sheila who was very kind and made me feel very welcome at the farm. But she'll be back on one of her trips over here and in the mean time I'll know what to pass-on to newer volunteers that come to the farm.

Okay, where's the coffee?


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