Tuesday, July 04, 2006


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Olivia came to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary after being left behind with two roosters when a family's house burned down and the family moved away. To talk about how much Olivia means to the people who meet her would take far longer than would be allowed by this single entry. She is loved by all.

Olivia is also a natural character when it comes to the camera and the slant that I've given this group of photos is mostly a humorous one. Besides, Olivia was rather adamant that you should see a goat's impression of a Praying Mantis. The rest just kinda followed.

Big Bad Wolf


A Flounder

A Mantis


A Gentle Eye

The "Evil Eye"

A Little Jewish

(Stand) Like an Egyptian

A "Stanley Kubrick"
(A "Stanley Kubrick" refers to a type of shot that appears in every Stanley Kubrick film. Think Malcolm MacDowall at the milk bar in "A Clockwork Orange" or Jack Nicholson frozen dead in the snow in "The Shining".)


A Bow

Computer Desktop

Some Summer Piggies for Ya!