Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dingo Warriors of Rockstock

Had an unexpected day off yesterday and spent it at the farm. A cold morning but at some point in the afternoon I was good with just a t-shirt for an hour or so until the clouds came to stay.

Spent the day working with Morgan, and for a bit with Kyle.

List of tasks:
* Fed pigs.
* Fed Dylan and Olivia their feed but forgot their hay! (They didn't starve. They never starve! As true bandits, they always find something to eat!) Dylan's now moved on to milk in his feed only. No more bottle. And wouldn't you guess he doesn't eat from the bowl as much as he "suckles it up" as if it was an udder! Slurp-slurp-draw-slurp-draw-slurp.... So funny!

-----Speaking of Dylan, let's break for a "Calftime Special".-------

Dylan usually takes a nap in the afternoon. His pen is left open when he's out of the barn and in the early afternoon he just drifts back into his pen for a nap. However, yesterday he took his nap with Ralphie, Andy, and Elvis. Not in the same field. Dylan's still too young to enter their field. Ralphie and company were on one side of a wire fence with Dylan on the other side but it was most definitely a "communal liedown". I don't think the three big guys actually sleep during the day. It's tough to tell. I think they just rest. But Dylan sleeps with his head tucked against his side and that's what he was doing. Just the four of them in the sun. A very peaceful scene. Jen said that she's seen them do it before. More and more I see Dylan spending time near Ralphie, Andy, and Elvis and this was another peek into the future when Dylan will join his bigger bros.

--------Okay, back to the day.----------

* Hauled a bunch of pine logs from a large pine tree top which had fallen over recently to the "burn pile".
* Helped dig a 30ft. long, 2 1/2 ft. deep trench for the electrical cable to the new barn. Kyle was on the Dingo using a trencher attachment and Morgan and I manned the rakes and pinch bars. The soil at the farm is very rocky when you get down a few feet and the going wasn't easy. Credit Morgan for coining "Rockstock!". Credit Canada for supplying the glacial surplus. Credit whoever invented the pinch bar.
* Helped Morgan attach a new gate to the new fence.
* Fed Ralphie, Andy, Elvis, and the pigs to end the day.

A woman named "Liz" stopped by during the afternoon to volunteer some time. She's been to the farm before and she gave two of the three chicken coops a thorough going over.

Another woman (I didn't get her name) stopped in briefly to take pictures of the pigs. She's a local artist and needed photos for a project.

If the weather is favorable, the barn should make a giant leap forward this coming weekend.


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