Monday, February 27, 2006

March of the Emperor Farmworkers

A BRUTALLY COLD day yesterday! For most of the day the temperature couldn't have cracked 20 degrees but the real story was the wind. 20, 30, 40 mph- it was unrelenting! Morgan does not wear gloves. Sunday, he wore gloves.

Our squinty-faced, runny-nosed, stiff-walking, shoulder-hunched players for the day include:

Chris who spent the day in the barn building doors.

Jeff and Anthony who worked on the new fence as well as a million other chores.

Morgan and Kyle who worked around the barn for the morning. In the afternoon they ran the tractor and bulldozer to muck out a portion of the steer's field.

Robin handled the morning routine's cleaning and feeding of the animals.

Jen divided her time mostly between the tool shed and the "white storage tent area" which needed a lot of work while Doug divided his time between the same storage area, the fence, and the barn.

I played "Friday" for the day helping Robin with the animals, Doug with the storage area, Jeff & Anthony with the fence, Jen with more storage area work, and Anthony closing down the chickens for the day.

Lunch: Four different types of vegetarian pizza that Jen picked up from town. I tried three different kinds and it was all good stuff. I shredded some tofu "cheese" on one of my slices. I liked it enough (the look and texture was perfect) that I'd like to try it with a little extra salt next time.

Have to end short here. Got home from work very late today and need to get a few things done and get to bed a little early. Still feeling achey from Sunday and I'm looking forward to finishing my Chaplin DVD accompanied by some bow-ties with Newman's marinara.

While the barn didn't make the headway this weekend that better weather would have allowed, it really is poised to make a large leap forward to being ready to house the new animals.


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