Thursday, May 25, 2006

Let's Go Back a Bit

(Clicking on any photo brings up the larger one.)

In one of the first entries to this blog, I tried to describe the difficulty in attempting to pitchfork heavy, mucky hay into a tractor bucket while surrounded by three moving 1,500 pound steer. To re-mention, though the steer have about 8 available acres on which to sit, stand, lie, or cartwheel, they apparently feel they must become as involved in the muck removing process as they were in the muck depositing process.

Especially if that involvement includes standing square on the muck pile one is presently attempting to pitch.

So, here are some Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary farmer and animal faces to go with the names. These photos are from May 6th and include Robin (front tractor bucket), Anthony (small tractor), and Doug (free safety farmer). And of course, Ralphie (tractor front), Andy and Elvis (tractor rear), and Dylan the calf (grasstrimmer at large).

I wish I had more photos from this scene but these should give an idea how gingerly this particular farm chore needs to be navigated.

Here are some portraits that I'm kind of fond of. Again, clicking on the photo will bring up the larger one:




Some news and more photos soon. (Sorry for the lack of text in this one Phyllis!)