Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Herbie (left), Lily (right), and Sheila (gravel) get in some
goodbyetime the day before Herbie and Lily would go to
their new home in New Jersey.

Blog End

In retrospect, it seems I needed to write this blog for two reasons. First, to help work out the transition from Westchester to Dutchess County. Second, to say something a little extra to people that I've met since moving here. Words and images to help introduce myself with. I'm glad I did it. It's made for tons of talk with friends, family, people at work, and people at the farm.

If you liked meeting "Olivia" and the other animals, you weren't alone.

Olivia watching, well, everything.

Now it's a good time to end. I don't write in this Blog as often as I used to. There just isn't the need to. Life in Westchester County is in the rearview mirror with the exception of friends and family, and I've met enough people and have marked enough places to see in the Hudson River Valley to feel settled in what's here and what's ahead.

Having said that, I'm presently putting together a website that will take a few months to complete. Too tough to describe here. Lots of photos, lots of text. Phyllis should be thrilled! (Hi Phyllis!) Should be up before Summer. Of course, I'll e-mail when it's done.

One word (well, sort of) on the "Vegetarian Thing". At this point, with the exception of pizza, chocolate chip cookies, the occasional baked good, and road coffee with milk, I've eliminated all animal products from my diet. Sheila is working on me regarding coffee and baked things. She greatly contributed to this by driving 15 miles in 0 degree weather wearing a t-shirt with no shoes (umm, and wearing jeans) to bring me a jug of coffee I had forgotten at the farm. (It's a long story!)

Thank you to Amelia & Splinter, Anthony, Judy, Kathy, Lucille, Phyllis, Robin, and Wendy for all the veggie food suggestions and kind words. Thank you for the company with this.

And of course Jen and Doug and the dozens and dozens (and dozens) of lunchbreak food introductions. What a terrific ride it's been!

Jen, whatever that Vegan cookie was that you gave me the first time I walked in the door must have been the one with the "better message"!

Okay, this is beginning to sound like the Emmys.

Yours in transition.

Yours in finding water this Summer.

Yours in sheepshit and pitchfork.

"Factory Farming" is dreadful.

Thank you for reading and for the good yacking!

Andy the Steer steering a pitchfork to a better location.